Accused Jackpot Winner Now in Hiding

In the Australian city of Geelong, a recent lottery winner has recently gone into hiding. This was reportedly prompted by members of his lottery syndicate claiming that he had not distributed a recent jackpot winnings.

A former courier named Gary Baron had entered a syndicate along with his fellow workers at Toll Group. However, on the same day that he had earned a stake in the big jackpot in October, Mr Baron called in sick. Not only that, but the next week, he resigned from his job.

Gary Baron
After claiming his winnings, Mr Baron purchased a BMW for the price of $200k as well as also making a purchase for a home surpassing $500,000. It is reported that he had collected $20 from each member of the syndicate to enter the draw online for Powerball. However, once he had earned the winnings, he refused to distribute the winnings and allegedly informed one colleague that he had simply inherited the money.

The statement provided says Mr Baron took home $16,666,666.67. Fourteen syndicate members are preparing to bring the accused to the Supreme Court of Victoria, where Mr Baron will likely claim that he had purchased a separate ticket from the group.

There was also a 15th member involved in the syndicate but who has elected not to be involved in the legal proceedings at this current time. It is alleged that Mr Baron and this syndicate member are romantically involved, especially as she also resigned from Toll Group around the same time as Mr Baron.

Tatts Group has not commented on the specifics, focusing their priority on paying the rightful owner of the ticket and stating that they are willing to abide by the order of the Supreme Court.