Affleck Admits To Card Counting

Card Counting

  Ben Affleck was in the news recently for something other than the movie business. A few days back the actor admitted to counting cards at a casino in Las Vegas. The incident In May earlier this year, tabloids were abuzz with the news that Ben Affleck was asked to stop playing the game of … Read more

College in Idaho Sets up School for Blackjack Dealers

Blackjack Dealers

  A college in Twin Falls, Idaho has been attracting a lot of new students over the past few months. However, the subject they are being taught is not traditionally on school curricula. This college has set up a few classes for blackjack dealers to learn their trade. The class currently has five to ten … Read more

Blackjack Betting Systems: An Overview

Blackjack betting systems

For centuries, gamblers across the world have been trying to come up with ways to beat the casino houses in the games they love. Several of them have even devised successful strategies for winning their favourite games. If you’re new to gambling, especially blackjack, there are some things you need to understand before you start … Read more

The Latest Celebrity Blackjack News

celebrity blackjack

When it comes to casino card games and celebrities, blackjack is only second to poker. As a result of this affinity between the game of 21 and prominent figures in the worlds of professional sports and entertainment, tabloid and gossip news media outlets these days are busy running stories about celebrities who just can’t seem … Read more

Once Again, Viva Vegas Mobile Got the Party Rolling

James Bond Look Alike

Viva Vegas is definitely on a roll with their mobile themed party gaming gear. Clients are all aglow with appreciation for their diligent preparation for upcoming events, conscientious attention to detail, and professional performance. Viva Vegas lit up the room, the party, and guests are still glowing from the sophisticated 007 themed Grand 125th Anniversary … Read more

Alberta Extends Blackjack Play to 3 A.M.


The province of Alberta in Canada has extended closing time for blackjack to 3 a.m. from 2 a.m., and while there is some opposition to the change, it comes from a seemingly unlikely source. Gambling Laws in Alberta Historically, Alberta has had gambling laws in place that are reminiscent of alcohol-related regulation. For instance, one … Read more

The Fun in Freedom

Mobile Casino

Anyone who is new to the world of online gaming may assume that a substantial amount of money is needed to make gaming really pay off. However, online gaming organizations are rolling out all the stops in order to make sure that anyone who is visiting their site for the first time does not have … Read more

A Grand Makeover

On the strip of Las Vegas, the name of the game is being able to stand out among the crowd. Bally’s Las Vegas has big plans for making this happen, installing the Grand Bazaar Shops along its entrance in order to entice eager visitors as they make there way down the boulevard. At this time, … Read more

Heating Up the Slots

Slot Machine

Canadian Dollar Bingo is expanding everyone’s change to win big with a new promotion that is geared towards some of the most popular games that they have available. However, the odds are being tipped for one week only, making it crucial that players remain on top of their games. Parlay Slots have long been a … Read more