Blackjack Betting Systems: An Overview

Blackjack Betting SystemsFor centuries, gamblers across the world have been trying to come up with ways to beat the casino houses in the games they love. Several of them have even devised successful strategies for winning their favourite games. If you’re new to gambling, especially blackjack, there are some things you need to understand before you start searching online for blackjack tricks and betting strategies.

What is a betting system?

A betting system provides a set of steps that you can follow to achieve the most profitable outcome in a gambling game. It is purely based on the statistics of the game and the probability of possible outcomes. Betting systems are used most commonly in card games and sports betting, and they differ for each game.

Blackjack professionals essentially use one or a combination of two betting strategies: negative and positive progression. With negative progression, you increase your bets every time you lose a round. The method is risky because there is a chance that you may lose all your money by the end of the game. However, if you’re lucky, you can gain far more than you’ve lost using the method. With positive progression, you bet only after you win a round. This strategy is more commonly used because the bets you raise are basically from the money you won in the previous rounds, and you don’t lose your money quickly too.

Most effective betting system for blackjack

Blackjack is a game where previous moves have a tremendous effect on future moves. This is a primary requirement for any betting system to work. The card counting method is generally agreed to be the easiest and most effective for blackjack with minimum repercussions. Also, it is one of the few blackjack tricks that are mathematically proven to work. In this method, you have to assign the following values to your cards:

ñ -1 for cards from 2 to 6

ñ 0 for cards from 7 to 9

ñ +1 for cards from 10 to Ace

Start your count at 0 and keep adding or subtracting from your count depending on the card you get as the game progresses. If your count at the end of the round is positive, you must lower your betting amount, and if it is negative, you can increase your bet.

The sole disadvantage of this method is that it can only be used in live games and not for online blackjack.