Blackjack Is More Than A Game

Did you know that blackjack can become a family bonding experience? It’s true! Many people have fond memories of playing blackjack with buddies in college or coworkers on a business trip. However, sometimes people forget that the blackjack table can be the best spot for the people we love the most. We have now seen the birth and growth of online blackjack. Here, the stakes are low. Yes, money may be exchanged, but the money goes towards an investment in memorable family time. New York Times columnist Frank Bruni recently reminisced about this in his weekly column.

Blackjack is a great family bonding game

Bruni related how his father grew up as an Italian speaking kid outside of New York City. English was his second language. He ended up beating out the blonde kid to become class president. He won a scholarship to an elite college. He married his high school sweetheart. He had four children, and he was successful in his business. Just shy of his retirement, his wife passed away. He learned how to adapt without her. However, like a golden thread through all of these life events, he enjoyed playing blackjack with his kids.

Bruni related their latest experience traveling to a casino to sit at the blackjack table. They had to search a while to find a table that had five empty seats. Eventually, they found one. The father and his four children sat down. Bruni’s father pushed crisp hundred dollar bills into the hands of each of his children. They began to play and reminisce about their lives.

Bruni’s connection with blackjack and his father is touching. It makes you realize that blackjack can be so much more than quick a gambling fix. Give it a read. Afterwards, call up a family member and sit down at a table together.