College in Idaho Sets up School for Blackjack Dealers


school for blackjack dealersA college in Twin Falls, Idaho has been attracting a lot of new students over the past few months. However, the subject they are being taught is not traditionally on school curricula. This college has set up a few classes for blackjack dealers to learn their trade. The class currently has five to ten students, who each pay the $75 course fee, learning about the different skills involved in dealing cards at a blackjack table.

The course only takes four weeks and promises to give the students all the skills they need to be a blackjack dealer at casinos. Nearby casino owners are very happy about this decision. A few of them have helped sponsor the course, insisting that the skills can help young people forge out successful careers for themselves.

Blackjack may appear to be a simple game for players, but the structure behind dealing cards can be complicated. The students are put through various exercises that simulate casino conditions, ensuring they are prepared for whatever is thrown their way.

Students who excel at the course have a great chance of landing full time dealing positions with casinos in the state. Even if a student does not demonstrate the requisite skills after one course, they are allowed to take it again until they get it right. The course may be small, but it boasts a very impressive 100% hiring rate. No student that has taken the course has failed to land a job.

Many of the students have praised the decision to open this course, saying that it changed their lives for the better. One couple decided to give up their jobs in a bid to excel at the course. It may seem absurd to give up a steady job for a shot at dealing cards, but they are proud of their decision. “We now earn as much money as we did before, but we work half as many hours. Working blackjack tables can be a challenge, but you make $25 to $30 an hour with tips,” said one of the women who took the course.

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