A Grand Makeover

ballyslogoOn the strip of Las Vegas, the name of the game is being able to stand out among the crowd. Bally’s Las Vegas has big plans for making this happen, installing the Grand Bazaar Shops along its entrance in order to entice eager visitors as they make there way down the boulevard. At this time, there are millions of dollars being invested in development in this area of Vegas, all with the aim of creating an attraction that is too good to pass up.

Divine Inspiration

The Grand Bazaar Shops are slated to be unique in that they will draw their inspiration from the from the actual Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, according to the project developer, Larry Siegel. This area of the world has often been characterized as the “world’s greatest marketplace,” making it a fitting source of inspiration for a Vegas attraction. The total design for the project will encompass 60,000 square feet and draw in an estimated 22 million people on an annual basis. The plans have been in development for over three years with the partnership of the Juno Property Group.

Investments All Around

The price tag for this large project will be an estimated $50 million. The development will be installed directly in front of Bally’s, greeting visitors when they first set their eyes upon the establishment. The project is also relying heavily upon private investors in order to see its way to completion as well. Some of the money behind the venture is coming from Bally’s owner, the Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and multiple other private sources.

The Changes in Place

The Grand Bazaar Shops is being incorporated into a larger renovation project that will address the total renovation of the Bally’s hotel and casino itself, making changes to the location’s 2,814-room hotel. Many of the makeover elements have already been put into place, including the transformation of the south tower into the Jubilee Tower. This two-acre development at the front of Bally’s also involves removing the automated walkway that moved patrons along the entrance in the past. Now, they will have the chance to explore unique goods and services that are exotic and completely unique on the Las Vegas strip.