Heating Up the Slots

Win at slotsCanadian Dollar Bingo is expanding everyone’s change to win big with a new promotion that is geared towards some of the most popular games that they have available. However, the odds are being tipped for one week only, making it crucial that players remain on top of their games. Parlay Slots have long been a favorite of gamers with Canadian Dollar Bingo. The potential of this game has always been present and now, it is set to be blown wide open. Canadian Dollar Bingo has announced that these games will be open for play with bonus money during their highly anticipated, week-long promotion.
A Bonus that Keeps on Paying

The added potential in winnings is coming on top of the jackpots that were already available to players, making the promotion one that is all that more enticing. The beloved games from Parlay Entertainment are seeing steep rises in the numbers of players eager to get their shot at the table. There are dozens of different games that will fall under this limited promotion. Among the most widely acclaimed are Trolling for Treasure, Rainforest Riches, Three Times the Riches, and Get Cracking. Each of these games offers different settings for play and their own individual perks for players. Trolling for Treasure, for instance, has long been popular for its generous chances when it comes to winning. It features 5 different reels and nine payout lines.

When the Money is Right

Other games slated to be open to the use of bonus money have maintained their popularity thanks to luscious graphics, unexpected turns in game play, and hidden potential when it comes to winning big. The slots are expected to heat up while this promotion remains in effect. The winnings in Parlay games have already been big when you look at those who have claimed past jackpots. Three Times the Richer has recently given payouts as large as $500 in one shot. Other games in this vein have given players payouts that reached figures as high as $1,500. Canadian Dollar Bingo is putting their experience to work with this new promotion. They have been in operation since 2005, bringing online bingo games to players with a dedication to quality game play that also include keno, slots, and video poker.