The Latest Celebrity Blackjack News

When it comes to casino card games and celebrities, blackjack is only second to poker. As a result of this affinity between the game of 21 and prominent figures in the worlds of professional sports and entertainment, tabloid and gossip news media outlets these days are busy running stories about celebrities who just can’t seem to stay away from the blackjack tables.

Ben Affleck celebrity blackjackBen Affleck: Blackjack Sharp?

Hollywood actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck is known to love casino action and gambling. He even played the shady owner of an online casino based in Costa Rica in last year’s Runner, Runner. In 2014, Affleck has made news headlines for his alleged card-counting, a practice that is not welcome at the blackjack tables in most North American casinos.

In April, Affleck was asked to leave the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas for his alleged card-counting strategy. Other casinos in Las Vegas allegedly received a bulletin ostensibly alerting them of Affleck’s advantage play; such a bulletin would effectively ban him from entering the casino floor.

More recently, Affleck was allegedly removed from the blackjack tables at the Caesar Windsor Hotel and Casino in Ontario, Canada. The source of the information added that Affleck looked disheveled and upset at being prohibited from playing blackjack.

Although card-counting is not an illegal activity, North American casinos tend to frown upon it. Other countries are more tolerant in this regard. Unlike professional card sharps, Affleck’s card-counting is supposedly easier to detect because he attracts more attention due to his celebrity status, and also because he does not hit other tables or moves around casinos.

Ernests Gulbis: Better at Tennis than Blackjack

Professional Latvian tennis pro Ernests Gulbis is a sensation on the court; at the blackjack tables, however, his winning record has been lackluster. During a recent conversation with the BBC, Gulbis hinted that he has lost hundreds of dollars playing blackjack, although he seemed to be a good sport about it.

Gulbis is currently in England, practicing for the upcoming Wimbledon. When told about the abundance of casinos in London, Gulbis simply smiled.